Shane is a seasoned professional in the field of rehabilitative fitness, pilates, and wellness. I have worked with Shane for over six months to build core strength after being diagnosed with a herniated L5/S1 disc and strongly recommended to get serious about core training by my spine doctor. In this six month period, Shane has worked me from the basics of pilates/core strengthening to more complex fitness training/pilates while significantly increasing core strength and decreasing pain associated with my herniated disc. Far beyond basic fitness training/core strengthening, Shane has also taught me a great deal about how to be more in tune with my body to minimize injury and maximize awareness of capabilities. I see Shane once a week in the Chicago Center for Body Movement in the west loop, but he also performs training in Lincoln Park and Highland   Park.

Shane has been spectacular. His calm demeanor, thoughtful workouts, and in depth explanation of the body, far beyond core training, has resulted in me being in the best health of my life. the variety of the workouts are terrific, his deep knowledge of pilates and anatomy/physiology are highly impressive. he is ever mindful of effective ways to communicate in order to maximize the time available in workouts while keeping each week full of variety. he has also offered an increasingly complex home program for me to utilize beyond the once a week training sessions. I very much look forward to my trainings session with Shane and am highly impressed with what I have accomplished in such a short period of time under his guidance. I can't give Shane high enough accolades and anyone who is interested in health/body/fitness, particularly if you have suffered an injury, would be well advised to work with Shane.

 -J. Darr

 Shane has had a significant positive impact on my post-back-surgery body, and I strongly recommend him.

Prior to surgery, I was very active. I worked-out five days a week lifting weights and doing cardio.  After I had the back surgery (Microdisectomy L4/L5), I completed six weeks of physical therapy, but I was far from fully recovered.  I was scared and depressed that my body would never be the same and that I would have to give up my love of fitness.  I needed to find someone who could help me with post-rehab recovery, and I searched for someone with expertise in spinal rehab and core conditioning.  An acquaintance referred me to Shane, who I started seeing approximately 5-1/2 months after the surgery.

Shane noted my new fear of my body and of hurting myself again, and he assured me that this would be a process leading to a program that would be specific to my injury and my lifestyle.  Shane has a very patient, calm demeanor.  Happily, the progress he has helped me achieve is unbelievable.  My core is stronger than it has ever been.  I have received several compliments on my posture since training with him.  He also has helped me become more aware of my body alignment and helped me gain back my confidence.  Due to my lifestyle, I still have some days where I experience some back discomfort, but it is reassuring to know that my weekly session with Shane seems to get my body back on track.
I have been seeing Shane for about a year and a half, and my results have been amazing.  I have my strength and range of motion back.  I am grateful to work with Shane, who has helped me obtain results that I could not have achieved by myself.

Shane receives my highest recommendation for a pilates instructor for students/patients with back problems.

-Wendy P

 I have been working with Shane Rhoads as my private Pilates instructor for almost three years now. I am stronger, leaner and in the best shape of my life due to his expertise. His studio is gorgeous and I love the convenient location!

As a long-distance runner, I have experienced ZERO injuries since working with Shane as he is highly attuned to preventative health and training. In addition to traditional pilates training on the reformer, he consistently challenges my strength so sessions are never dull!

I cannot highly recommend Shane and Movement Med enough!

-Lauren C

 After 30 years of daily jogging, I developed lower back and hip pain. I finally gave in to the pain and started searching for someone qualified in medical exercise to help me get back to pain free jogging.

Then I met Shane Rhoads. Right from the start Shane was several levels above all the other Pilates/PT rehab people I interviewed. I started working with Shane twice a week and it did not take long to start to feel the results. Rehabbing with Shane was a surprising positive experience. I learned so much and I have strengthened so many other areas that I will continue to work out with Shane long after I am healed so he can keep me jogging until I'm 100.

-Susan M

I have been working with Shane for over a year now, after recovering from shoulder injury.  He is knowledgeable, calm and highly professional. Importantly he designed an individualized program that has allowed me to improve flexibility and strength while avoiding injury.  

His new location in Streeterville emphasizes privacy in an understated but comfortable environment.  

I highly recommend him and his new studio for anyone that wants to work on flexibility and strength or people that are recovering from injuries.

-Jacob S

 I met Shane Rhoads in May 2013 after completing physical therapy for a total left hip replacement.  I am an active early, middle-aged man who wanted to return to doing the things I liked to do and had to give up as my hip continued to deteriorate over time.  Shane was certified in post rehabilitation therapy so I sought his expertise to help me continue my recovery from the surgery and make the gains necessary for an active lifestyle.  Shane quickly identified the strength, balance and flexibility issues that were unique to my case and we then embarked upon a program that he designed for me.  Thanks to Shane, I’m getting back to my active lifestyle.  Today, I am riding my bike for miles at a time, something I couldn’t do for many years before my surgery.  I also back to my favorite activity – running; I expect to be in a position to run a 5K race in the near future.  Even more important, I have confidence back with my gains in strength and balance to venture out and participate in the many things that Chicago has to offer throughout the year.  I owe much of where I am today to Shane’s expertise in post rehabilitative therapy and the program he developed for me.

-Tom Hawkins