Specialized Programs



Our Back on Track Program is a Pilates based exercise and educational curriculum adapted to people with chronic back conditions. Pilates performed with proper form and exercise sequence can be very good for back care, but not all the exercises are good for varying back issues.

Our experienced professionals will work with you one on one, during each step of the back on track program, transitioning you from acute medical care and/or helping you to better manage a long term back condition.

The Movement Med Back on Track Program will help develop a more balanced body, while increasing core strength, flexibility, posture, and spinal stability. In addition, you will gain an understanding of safe back movement and postural awareness.


  • Increased Core Strength

  • Improve Mobility To Minimize Stress To The Spine

  • Improvement On Body Mechanics and Postural Habits

  • Education On Workplace And Home Ergonomics

  • Our Concept Of Individualized “Movement Hygiene”

  • Strategies For Ongoing Self Management

  • Direct Communication With Your Medical Provider



Traditional Thai massage is a powerful form of energy rebalancing and physical massage. It is well developed form of healing and manipulative therapy and refined by diligent practitioners over thousands of years. It is a valid and scientifically-based form of healthcare. 

Thai bodywork is used to facilitate and promote harmonious state of being. The list of benefits of Thai therapy Is very long but just a few to name it are as follows: relaxation, reduction of pain, increased range of motion , passive exercises, Detoxification of soft tissue, preparation for exercise and management of stress.

Traditionally, Thai therapy lasts around hour and a half flowing from one part of the body to the next, moving energy from the feet toward the crown of the head. Nothing can replace this complete balancing of energy and a deep state of relaxation that follows.”  


Many adults with scoliosis are referred to Pilates for long term exercise management and pain reduction. 

Because of its emphasis on core strength, body-awareness, breathing, and neuromuscular re-education pilates can be very good for someone with scoliosis.  However, not all instructors have a deeper knowledge of the abnormal mechanics of the scoliosis spine during movement, specific training on specific exercise technique, and how to adapt the pilates environment to the scoliosis spine.